2010-02-10 Started this section with the first public release of rsync-mirror, version 0.4.1, and BinBackup, version 0.2.0.


This page contains a small collection of scripts I have been working on and off for some time now.


rsync-mirror is a backup script to mirror a directory using rsync.

rsync-mirror is used to backup local directories to another location on the local machine or to a remote machine. Like the name suggests it uses rsync for data transfer so it should be pretty efficient. It does not support any nifty backup features like incremental backups, all it does is mirroring a directory to another location.

To ease the task of creating backups, rsync-mirror takes care of managing the destination site of the backup. In case the target path needs to be mounted, rsync-mirror does so before backup and unmounts it afterwards.

It is hosted on RubyForge, follow the link to find the rsync-mirror project page.

You can download source packages and a RubyGem for the current 0.4.1 release.


BinBackup is a tool intended to efficiently backup a directory to a set of size-limited media like CD-Rs or DVD-Rs. It's goal is to distribute the contents of a directory to a set of media while using the space available on these media as best as possible, minimizing the number of media required for a backup. To do this, BinBackup uses a bin packing algorithm to decide how to partition the contents of a directory and where to put them.

It requires genisoimage from the cdrkit project to actually create images. Alternatively you can use mkisofs from the Cdrtools suite and rename or link it to genisoimage.

You can find the BinBackup project page on RubyForge, too.

You can download source packages and a RubyGem for the current 0.2.0 release.